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Stan Thompson

Download "T" Shirt Transfers and/or a 1' x 5' Poster!

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Sizes: Kids 2-9 Assorted   Kids 12-Adult S    Adults M-XL


Size: Kids 9-12


Size: Kids 2-5   


Size: Kids 2-5


Sizes: Kids 12-Adult M       Adults L-XL

Sizes: Kids 12-Adults M            Adults L-XL


Downloading the "T" Shirt Graphics for Printing on the Transfer Material

The graphics above can be downloaded in .pdf form for making Iron-on T-Shirts Transfers on any color printer. To view .pdf files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader which, you probably already have, or can download for free now:


The iron on "T" shirt transfers are available in the stationery section at any store that sells computer supplies. 

  1. Choose the graphic by clicking on the shirt size beneath it.
  2. Once it is on your computer screen (printing will appear reversed), click on the printer icon (or click "File" on the Menu Bar and then select "Print")
  3. In the Print box, next to the printer name, click on the "Properties" button to make sure that your printer is set to print at standard quality.
  4. Load the transfer paper into your printer.
  5. Exit the printer Properties box to return to the Print box
  6. Begin printing by clicking "Okay".
  7. Ironing Instructions are at the bottom of this page.

Ironing Instructions: 

In the main, follow the instructions that come with your package of iron on transfers because they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are a couple of noteworthy exceptions:

  1. Trim the extra transfer material to 1/8" of the design pattern. Trimming off the excess transfer material makes the biggest single improvement in appearance. 
  2. Assuming you are using a hot iron, good pressure and are ironing on a hard surface (as opposed to in ironing board), I have found that manufacturers overestimate the amount of ironing time that is needed to effect the transfer . Having ruined several transfers and shirts by overcooking and smudging, I would suggest using the manufacturer's heat setting for the iron, then applying the iron in a circular motion to the transfer for 30 seconds or so. It seems to me that you can smell the point at which the transfer gives itself to the shirt. Continue to apply the iron for about 10 seconds after that. After the shirt has cooled, very carefully,  handle the shirt (with transfer attached) to find a loose corner on the backing paper that you can begin to pull to separate the paper from the shirt. If is impossible to find such a corner then it is diagnostic that you need to reapply the iron to the entire surface of the transfer. When you get a "good corner" and begin to remove the transfer backing paper, it should not tug or pull and the backing paper that you expose should be "clean." If not; more heat. If you are gentle, using this approach you will steepen your learning curve and still salvage most of the shirts on which you are learning.
  3. After you have "ironed on" the transfer, let it cool, and then carefully peel it off the shirt. Iron the shirt using PARCHMENT PAPER (available at the supermarket in baking supplies) over the transfer. If you make a two sided shirt (as with the elephants), then put parchment paper between the transfer and the ironing surface as well (otherwise, the transfer might find a new home on the ironing surface cover). This "parchment ironing" will enhance the quality of the images and make the transfer bond more thoroughly to the cloth material. 
  4. For shirts you are giving to others, after you have applied the transfers and done a parchment ironing, wash the shirts once in cold water, then let them air dry (this will minimize the colors running the first time that the shirts are worn). When the shirts are dry, iron them with the parchment paper to prepare them for presentation. Include parchment paper with the gift.  


Poster Download

You can download a .pdf file of a 1' X 5' elephant poster of the graphic that serves as the heading on every page by just clicking here. It makes a terrific poster for a kids' rooms (and a family room too). If you don't have a printer that will print poster size prints, then you can take it to Kinko's and they will print a high quality version of it for you. The .pdf file will fit easily on a floppy disk to take to Kinko's. Just save the file to a fresh floppy in your A: Drive.

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