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The Evolution of Iodine During Metal Dissolution


The Evolution of Iodine During Metal Dissolution
Dreher, J.L.; Kamack, H.J.; Thompson, S.G.; Perlman, I. (ed.)
Subject Terms:
Iodine; Reflux; Uranium Metal
Report produced under Contract W-7401-eng-37 discusses how, during dissolution in nitric acid of Uranium metal which has been irradiated in a pile, Radio-Iodine (8.0 day) and Radio-Xenon (5.3 day) are liberated along with the oxides of nitrogen. Since in the plant these gases are discharged into the atmosphere, the presence of the activities (particularly radio-iodine because of its greater chemical reactivity) presents a physicological hazard. In the summary and conclusions, it is mentioned that under simulated dissolver conditions in the laboratory, the reflux removed a large fraction (70 percent to 90 percent) of the Iodine from the off-gasses.
Originating Organization:
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Location of Document:
DOE Oak Ridge Public Reading Room, P.O. Box 2001, 55 Jefferson Circle, Room 112, City: Oak Ridge, State: TN, Zip: 37831, Contact: Amy L. Rothrock, Phone: 423-576-1216, Fax: 423-576-1556
Document Number:
(H)CN-3285-S-C; HCN3285SC
Document Type:
Document Date:
Declassification Status:
Declassified document available
Document Declassification Date:
Document Category:
Science and Technology\Chemistry
Document Pages:
Accession Number:
Opennet Entry Date:

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