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Stan Thompson

Literary Career as a 12-Year Old?

The article below appeared about the time that Seaborg and Thompson first met. It doesn't take much imagination to envision the two boys each submitting an article to a magazine favored by Houdini. Was that the case, Young Stan showed more potential for a "literary career" than his friend Glenn.


For: Weird Tales, April 1924

  Auth/Ed: Edwin Baird 
  Year: 1924
  Price: $0.25
  Pages: 96
  Cover: R. M. Mally 
  Notes:  Vol. 3 #4

Contains the following works:

Serials/Complete Novels
Coils of Darkness (Part 3 of 3)                   Sybla Ramus 
Draconda (Part 5 of 6)                            John Martin Leahy 
Ebenezer's Casket (Part 1 of 2)                   Junius B. Smith  and
                                                  J. U. Giesy 
The Spirit Fakers of Hermannstadt (Part 2 of 2)   Harry Houdini 
The Transparent Ghost (Part 3 of 3)               Isa-Belle Manzer 

Short Stories
The Brown Mouse                                   Edward Parrish Ware 
The Devil Bird                                    Hal Halbert 
Down Through the Ages                             Rex Hall 
Exhibit "A"                                       Anne Harris Hadley 
The Ghost-Eater                                   H. P. Lovecraft 
                                                    (as C. M. Eddy, Jr.) 
The Great Adventure                               Bryan Irvine 
The Man Who Dared to Know                         Junius B. Smith 
Sport for Ladies                        Stanley G. Thompson 
The Thing                                         Frank Marion Palmer 
Tragedy Island                                    J. M. Alvey 
The White Ape                                     
  [vt Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and
    His Family]                                   H. P. Lovecraft 

Short Fiction
Shadows                                           Frank Owen 

The Hoax of the Spirit Lover                      Harry Houdini 
Mary Blandy                                       Seabury Quinn 

Nemesis                                           H. P. Lovecraft 

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