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Stan Thompson

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ACS Award for Nuclear Chemistry

Sponsored by the ACS Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology.

Purpose: To recognize and encourage research in nuclear and radiochemistry or their applications.

Nature: The award consists of $3,000 and a certificate. Traveling expenses to the meeting at which the award will be presented will be paid.

Establishment and Support: The award is currently financed by the ACS Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology. The award was supported by funds from a gift to the Society by an anonymous donor during 199091 and in odd-numbered years from 198085; the award was sponsored by EG&G ORTEC during the intervening even-numbered years. Sponsorship was assumed by Amersham Corporation for 198689. A predecessor award, the ACS Award for Nuclear Applications in Chemistry, was established in 1953 by Nuclear-Chicago Corporation, a subsidiary of G. D. Searle & Co.

Rules of Eligibility: A nominee must have made outstanding contributions to nuclear or radiochemistry or to their applications. There are no limits on age or on nationality.


1955 - Henry Taube  1956 - Willard F. Libby  1957 - Melvin Calvin  1958 - Jacob Bigeleisen  1959 - John E. Willard  1960 - Charles D. Coryell  1961 - Joseph J. Katz  1962 - Truman P. Kohman  1963 - Martin D. Kamen  1964 - Isadore Perlman  1965 - Stanley G. Thompson  1966 - Arthur C. Wahl  1967 - Gerhart Friedlander  1968 - Richard L. Wolfgang  1969 - George E. Boyd  1970 - Paul R. Fields  1971 - Alfred P. Wolf  1972 - Anthony Turkevich  1973 - Albert Ghiorso  1974 - Lawrence E. Glendenin  1975 - John R. Huizenga  1976 - John O. Rasmussen 1977 - Glen E. Gordon  1978 - Paul K. Kuroda  1979 - Raymond Davis, Jr.  1980 - Arthur M. Poskanzer  1981 - Robert Vandenbosch  1982 - Leo Yaffe  1983 - Darleane C. Hoffman  1984 - Joseph Cerny  1985 - Gregory R. Choppin  1986 - Victor E. Viola  1987 - Ellis P. Steinberg  1988 - Guenter Herrmann  1989 - Ronald D. Macfarlane  1990 - Michael J. Welch  1991 - John M. Alexander  1992 - Robert N. Clayton  1993 - Richard M. Diamond  1994 - E. Kenneth Hulet  1995 - Joseph B. Natowitz  1996 - William D. Ehmann  1997 - Peter J. Armbruster Canvassing Committee Chair:

Dr. Joseph R. Peterson

Chairman, Canvassing Committee
The University of Tennessee
College of Liberal Arts
Dept. Of Chemistry
552 Buehler Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996-1600
Telephone: (615) 974-3434

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