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Michele Gerber, Ph.D.

Brief Background of the Hanford Facility Historian

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Michele Gerber, PhD. Hanford Site Historian, Fluor Daniel Hanford Co., Richland, Washington.

  Dr. Gerber is the author of numerous documents and articles on Hanford's history, including On the Home Front: The Cold War Legacy of the Hanford Nuclear Site, the only comprehensive history of America's foremost plutonium production complex. She was born in Schenectady, New York, and earned a Ph.D. in History with highest honors from the State University of New York at Albany. Dr. Gerber has been the Hanford Site Historian for 9 years, and has specialized in Hanford Site research for 12 years. She participated in early efforts to obtain declassification of Hanford Site documents, and served on the National Academy of Sciencesı Committee on Declassification of Department of Energy Documents. She has also assisted the research of the Presidential Commission on Human Radiation Experiments, and of the U.S. Centers for Disease Controlıs Thyroid Disease Study of the Hanford Region. In addition, she helped tour the first Russian visitors through Hanfordıs Plutonium Finishing Plant. In addition to her book On the Home Front, she is the author of numerous documents and articles on Hanford's history. The title of her talk is "History of Hanford Operations." After the talk, she will take questions on secrecy and openness, Hanford's history and/or its current waste cleanup activities.
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