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Stan Thompson

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Thompson's World World War II Scientific Activities at Hanford Engineer Works (HEW)

The records indicate that Stan Thompson, his wife Alice, and daughter Ruthie reported to  Richland, Washington on October 15, 1944.  It also appears they left on May 24, 1945 to return to Chicago.  It can only be deduced from the summary File Memoranda (long load, be patient) and the Hanford Engineering Works Monthly Reports for that time what Thompson's activities actually were. Professor Seaborg's descriptions in a Chemist's Chemist are very useful for drawing inferences from these vague and scanty data. 

The few of Stan Thompson's scientific papers describing the separation and purification of plutonium are listed by date.  Most appear to remain classified at the present. This statement appears to be as true for the laboratory studies on only a few micrograms of plutonium to the scaled up studies which would have included the uranium slugs (and the fission isotopes created in the breeding reactor along with the plutonium) from the atomic piles at Hanford, Washington.  The sources the Webmaster used can be queried by the reader from this web site and perhaps a clever reader can add to what has been discovered and is on display here.

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